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making change 

through creative healing


Emily is a writer, performer, and facilitator dedicated to personal and collective healing and liberation. She graduated from the University of Virginia before making her way to New York City to pursue improv. She has studied and performed comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Reckless Theatre, The Annoyance Theatre, and The Peoples Improv Theatre.


Her work tackles issues of racial injustice and encourages political and social activism. Her shows aim to highlight complexities and contradictions within the world today in hopes of fostering reflection and meaningful engagement in social issues. She is the creator of Basic Bitch of the Resistance, a comedic play that premiered in 2017 with subsequent runs in New York. The show includes a facilitated anti-racism workshop for audience members. To find out more and for future show dates, please visit She is also the writer and performer of the solo show, Party in the USA, which comedically journeys her personal story of uncovering white privilege and taking responsibility. 

Emily has received training from The Racial Equity Institute and The Mindfulness Association. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and most recently worked at The Economic Security Project. When she's not actively thinking about how to dismantle oppressive systems, she's probably listening to a podcast or scheming up an interior design concept for one of her friend's apartments. 

Please reach out to Emily. She would love to facilitate a group process, collaborate on meaningful  projects, or bring one of her shows to your community. Let's start a conversation and engage hearts and minds. 


Basic Bitch of the Resistance

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Creating meaningful, engaging theatre that speaks truth to power. 

Addressing systematic racism through an approachable lens. 

Leading workshops that are welcoming, fun, and create opportunities for learning and reflection. 



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